Massive photons in an artificial magnetic field

During the research, conducted at the University of Warsaw, the unique behavior of photons trapped in the cavity was found as they behaved like mass-bearing quasiparticles.  NOVEMBER 12, 2019 by University of Warsaw An international research collaboration from Poland, the UK and Russia has created a two-dimensional system—a thin optical cavity filled with liquid crystal—in which […]

New spin directions in pyrite an encouraging sign for future spintronics

NOVEMBER 12, 2019 by FLEET A Monash University study revealing new spin textures in pyrite could unlock these materials’ potential in future spintronics devices. The study of pyrite-type materials provides new insights and opportunities for selective spin control in topological spintronics devices. Seeking new spin in topological materials Topological materials have exciting potential for next-generation, ultra-low energy electronics, […]

Study investigates a critical transition in water that remains liquid far below the freezing point

NOVEMBER 12, 2019 by José Tadeu Arantes, FAPESP Water can remain liquid at temperatures far below 0 degrees Celsius. This supercooled phase is a current focus for scientific research. A theoretical model developed at São Paulo State University (UNESP) in Brazil shows that in supercooled water, there is a critical point at which properties such as […]

LHCf gears up to probe birth of cosmic-ray showers

What’s more, the experiment plans to measure forward particles emitted from collisions of protons with light ions, most likely oxygen ions.  NOVEMBER 11, 2019 by Ana Lopes, CERN Cosmic rays are particles from outer space, typically protons, travelling at almost the speed of light. When the most energetic of these particles strike the atmosphere of our […]

A distinct spin on atomic transport

NOVEMBER 11, 2019 by ETH Zurich One of the more unexpected things that can be done with charge-neutral atoms is using them to emulate the fundamental behavior of electrons. Over the past few years, the group of Tilman Esslinger at the Institute of Quantum Electronics in the Department of Physics of ETH Zurich has pioneered a […]

Using light to generate order in an exotic material

Physics experiment with ultrafast laser pulses produces a previously unseen phase of matter. David L. Chandler | MIT News OfficeNovember 11, 2019 Adding energy to any material, such as by heating it, almost always makes its structure less orderly. Ice, for example, with its crystalline structure, melts to become liquid water, with no order at […]

Flexible yet sturdy robot is designed to “grow” like a plant

Its extendable appendage can meander through tight spaces and then lift heavy loads. Jennifer Chu | MIT News OfficeNovember 7, 2019 In today’s factories and warehouses, it’s not uncommon to see robots whizzing about, shuttling items or tools from one station to another. For the most part, robots navigate pretty easily across open layouts. But […]

Scientists further refine how quickly the universe is expanding

“Cosmology is about understanding the evolution of our universe—how it evolved in the past, what it is doing now and what will happen in the future,” NOVEMBER 8, 2019 by Jim Melvin, Clemson University Wielding state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, a team of Clemson University astrophysicists has added a novel approach to quantifying one of the most […]

Obtaining order in the “frustrated” landscape of disordered magnetism

NOVEMBER 7, 2019 by Jeremy Rumsey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Identifying a material’s magnetic structure is a key to unlocking new features and higher performance in electronic devices. However, solving increasingly complex magnetic structures requires increasingly sophisticated approaches. Researchers from the Center for Materials Crystallography at Aarhus University, Denmark, are pioneering a novel technique to solve highly elaborate magnetic structures […]

Photosynthesis seen in a new light by rapid X-ray pulses

“This work is so important, as it shows the first proof of concept of megahertz serial crystallography with one of the largest and most complex membrane proteins in photosynthesis: Photosystem I” says Fromme.  NOVEMBER 8, 2019 by Richard Harth, Arizona State University The ability to transform sunlight into energy is one of Nature’s more remarkable feats. […]