How to spot a wormhole (if they exist)

A new study outlines a method for detecting a speculative phenomenon that has long captured the imagination of sci-fi fans: wormholes, which form a passage between two separate regions of spacetime. OCTOBER 23, 2019 by Charlotte Hsu, University at Buffalo Such pathways could connect one area of our universe to a different time and/or place within […]

Putting the “bang” in the Big Bang

Physicists simulate critical “reheating” period that kickstarted the Big Bang in the universe’s first fractions of a second. Jennifer Chu | MIT News OfficeOctober 24, 2019 As the Big Bang theory goes, somewhere around 13.8 billion years ago the universe exploded into being, as an infinitely small, compact fireball of matter that cooled as it […]

Physicists provide a new view on how liquids behave with other materials

When a liquid such as water is repelled from a solid substrate, the drop created exhibits a large contact angle. OCTOBER 15, 2019 by University of Bristol Using a range of theoretical and simulation approaches, physicists from the University of Bristol have shown that liquids in contact with substrates can exhibit a finite number of classes […]

Violent flaring revealed at the heart of a black hole system

It has the mass of about 7 Suns, with this collapsed down to a region of space smaller than the City of London. OCTOBER 11, 2019 by University of Southampton An international team of astronomers, led by the University of Southampton, have used state-of-the-art cameras to create a high frame-rate movie of a growing black hole […]

Physicists report a way to ‘hear’ dark matter

OCTOBER 9, 2019 by Stockholm University Physicists at Stockholm University and the Max Planck Institute for Physics have turned to plasmas in a proposal that could revolutionise the search for the elusive dark matter. Dark matter makes up 85 percent of the matter in the universe. Originally introduced to explain why the strong force, which holds together […]

Quantum Vacuum: Negative Energy & Repulsive Gravity

By FLORIAN AIGNER, VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY OCTOBER 2, 2019 Is it possible to borrow energy from an empty space? And if yes, do we have to give it back? Energy values smaller than zero are allowed – at least within certain limits. Energy is a quantity that must always be positive – at least that’s what […]